Royalty Free Stock Cat Clipart by OldPixels

  1. Vintage Valentine of a Sweet Caucasian Girl Carrying a Basket of Red Hearts and a Cat in Her Arms, Walking in a Flower Garden, Circa 1885
  2. Vintage Painting of a Little Victorian Girl Gently Carrying a Calico Kitten in a Hat Through a Rose Garden, Framed by Scrolls and Daisies
  3. Cute Little Victorian Girl in a Fluffy Dress, Hugging Her Scared Kitten
  4. Vintage Painting of a Little Blond Victorian Girl Trying to Train Her Cat to Listen to Her Commands, Teaching Kitty to Sit on a Stool
  5. Pair of Curious Victorian Cats in Ivy Leaves Watching a Butterfly
  6. Vintage Painting of a Little Curly Haired Victorian Child Holding a Kitten in Their Arms, over a Blue Background
  7. Picture of a Little Victorian Girl Hugging Her White Cat and Standing by Toys near a Christmas Tree, on a Green Background with Greeting Text
  8. Cute Little Blond Victorian Girl Hugging Her Mom from Behind As She Knits, a Cat Rubbing Against Her Arm
  9. Group of Four Adorable Victorian Kittens in a Group, One Wearing a Red Bow
  10. Pair of Curious Victorian Kittens Peering over a Wooden Fence, Gazing at Daisy Flowers
  11. Cute Little Victorian Girl in a Pink Dress, Holding up and Kissing Her Cute Kitten on the Cheek
  12. Cute Pampered Victorian House Cat Taking a Leisurely Rest Inside a Muff Handwarmer on a Chair